Security at

We take data security very seriously when you use our customer communications solutions.
We ensure your data is safe with us through rigorous security checks, data encryption, employee screenings and compliance with international regulations.

Certifications & Accreditations services are hosted on Alibaba Cloud (SG). As such, we inherits the control environment which Alibaba Cloud (SG) maintains and demonstrates via SOC 1, 2 & 3; ISO 27001, ISO20000, ISO27017, MTCS T3 (i.e., a Tier 3 data centre) and Trusted Cloud label. We are also compliant with data protection regulations from the EU GDPR, PDPA, PDPO and DPTM.


Our key based secure authentication enables you to configure restricted access for selected users to the system. Un-used ports are not available for use, ensuring better system security. All web access is done through secured channels such as HTTPS (SSL) on TLS1.2 and above.


We make sure your data is encrypted at all times, both during transit and at rest. You also have the option to keep the data for a short duration to minimize security risks.

Payment Processing via third-party vendor is exempt from PCI compliance obligations as we outsource all payment processing to a third-party vendor, Stripe.

SendQuick’s system

Our chosen hosting platform, Alibaba Singapore, is a trusted local data centre with the required security and compliance for cloud solutions. We maintain good control and accessibility over the data in our system.

System Availability,
24/7 monitoring

Our system has a monthly system availability of over 99%. We keep your systems online, 24/7, and will notify you when we schedule downtime for maintenance and upgrading activities.

SendQuick – Best Practices adopted

Our team uses industry best practices to create incident response plans

All team members adhere to our NDA agreements

We conduct background checks on all team members before they join SendQuick

We grant access to sensitive data only on a need-to-know basis