Frequently Asked Questions2021-01-25T17:10:50+08:00
What is API?2021-05-11T10:58:11+08:00 API is a single and unified API that can integrate all your applications and network systems seamlessly to all popular social messengers and collaboration channels to handle the messaging delivery.

What is Conversa Portal?2021-05-11T10:59:00+08:00 Conversa Portal is an omni-channel, standalone, centralized web portal for your departmental users to engage in and re-assign the relevant conversations and broadcasts to your customers across channels without the need to toggle between window tabs.

How does license?2021-06-02T09:29:05+08:00

The price plans are all monthly-recurring credits-purchase based, with the option to buy add-ons such as one-time top-up credit package, monthly long code and/or monthly per-user license for the Conversa Portal. There is a 14-day free trial available for sign-up only for non-WhatsApp Business API (WABA) and WeChat Official/WeCom accounts (i.e., for Basic Plan). You may check out the price plans at for more details.

Can I connect more channels if I need?2021-05-14T09:31:05+08:00

Yes, certainly. We have ready-made step-by-step onboarding guides for you to follow easily whenever you need to, then you may just connect these newly onboarded channels with

Can I add more users to Conversa Portal if I need?2021-05-11T11:01:42+08:00

Yes, definitely. You may login to the Conversa Portal, go to your “Account” and purchase more users.

What are the supported channels (i.e., chat messengers and collaboration tools) supported?2021-06-02T18:28:10+08:00

Currently, has already aggregated 12 official APIs of the following channels into a single unified platform:

  • WhatsApp Business API (WABA)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • LINE
  • LINE Notify
  • Viber
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Slack
  • WeCom (formerly known as WeChat Work)
  • sendQuick ASP (SMS)
Are there any limits on the number channels that can be connected to

No, accepts unlimited, supported channels to connect to it.

How do I onboard each of the supported channels?2021-05-14T10:02:36+08:00

Kindly follow the step-by-step guide in the “campaigns” (for API) and “channels” (for Conversa Portal) modules when you sign into your account to onboard and connect the channels with your account. For WhatsApp Business API (WABA), WeChat and WeCom accounts, there is a need to go through a registration process with us before this. You may contact us or submit your enquiry via the enquiry form:

Any limit on the number of applications and systems that can connect to

No, we allow unlimited applications and systems to connect to your account in

When will I be billed?2021-05-14T10:10:24+08:00

You will be first billed for your chosen plan once the secure payment transaction is successful. The recurring monthly billing will be based on the monthly bill cycle.

I am from a corporation but I can’t use a credit card for payment. Is there any post-paid method?2021-05-14T10:12:30+08:00

Yes, please contact us or submit your enquiry via the enquiry form:

I am from a corporation and due to easy budgeting reason, is there any option to pre-purchase for 1 year of service?2021-05-14T10:11:55+08:00

Yes, please contact us or submit your enquiry via the enquiry form:

When can I start using services?2021-05-14T10:12:58+08:00

After the payment transaction for the chosen plan is successful, you can start to use the services.

Can I stop the services at any time?2021-05-14T10:13:30+08:00

Yes, there is no minimum contract period (that’s why you are paying a monthly fee) and you can stop at any time. The subscription will remain active until the end of the period, at which point it will be cancelled and not auto-renewed. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund for the monthly fee consumed.

How can I sign up to services?2021-05-14T10:14:07+08:00

You may click on the “sign up” button of your preferred plan(s) in this link: to proceed.

How do I use the credits?2021-05-14T10:14:54+08:00
    • Each of the price plans come with a certain number of credits. You may check out the details in this link: 
    • For Free Trial Plan: the unused credits will be forfeited when the 14-day period is up unless the account is upgraded to the Basic Plan.
    • For Basic and WeChat/WeCom Plans: the unused credits can be rolled-over and will always be valid to use (i.e., no expiry date).
    • For WABA Lite and Pro Plans: the allocated credits will be reset every calendar month, hence, the balance credits in a calendar month will not be rolled-over to the next month.
    • Whenever the following are sent, the corresponding credits will be deducted from the account’s subscription plan:
      • Per outgoing SMS and WhatsApp template message: varies by destination
      • Per outgoing message (excludes SMS and WhatsApp channels): 1 credit
      • Per MAU (for WABA Pro Plan): 20 credits
      • Per outgoing WhatsApp session message (for WABA Lite Plan): 4 credits
      • Per incoming message: free
How do I broadcast to users of different channels in the same session?2021-05-14T10:07:22+08:00

For API, kindly download the API documentation at the “API Explorer” module and script the “broadcast API” accordingly into your applications and systems. For Conversa Portal, go to “Broadcast > Compose Message” section and follow the guided steps on the portal to mass broadcast to users of different channels in a session.

What are the messaging limits for each of the supported channels?2021-05-14T10:07:45+08:00
Channel Messaging Limitations
WhatsApp Business API (WABA)
Facebook Messenger

Microsoft Teams
Cisco WebEx
WeCom (formerly WeChat Work)
sendQuick ASP (SMS) Outgoing SMS message throughput rate: 10 SMS/second

Incoming SMS: currently not supported for services


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