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Omnichannel messaging in the cloud

Deliver outstanding customer support experience from a single unified application interface. Respond faster with a personalised experience is a powerful cloud-based platform connecting your applications and systems to all popular instant messaging and collaboration channels using a single API

Omnichannel Messaging

Using’s omnichannel messaging capabilities, connect with customers in real-time via social messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Telegram and collaboration tools such as Slack,
WeChat Work, Webex Team and Microsoft Teams, and SMS

Easy Configuration

With you can configure any number of social messengers or collaboration tools. With easy account provisioning, faster set-up and low entry cost, companies can enjoy higher productivity and customer engagement

Unified Applications Integration

We have done the hard work for you. Our single and unified API can integrate all your applications and systems seamlessly with platform. You can view and manage all chat channels on a unified interface freeing your developers to focus on other tasks



Message Archival

Irrespective of the social messenger or collaboration tool, all messages are logged on the platform with a timestamp


Data Access is accessible on cloud via any browser on any device ensuring no customer messages are missed


Unified API

The cloud platform has a single API integration with the social messengers and collaboration tools making it less susceptible to network threats and risks


Customer Profiles

Once you register your business account with the social platform, the customer profiles come in-built with the API provided for integration by these social platforms


Broadcast Messaging

Send notifications, alerts and reminders instantly to your customers about your latest promotions, transactions and updates


Different Messaging Packages provides integration with a variety of instant messengers and collaboration tools. The platform offers two types of messaging push: Monthly Activated Users (MAU) and/or Broadcast messages


How does it work?

Register a Business Account with your company details on the choice of social platform, configure your account in and integrate your applications with the API we provide. Once end users have subscribed to receive your messages, you’re set to go!

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